Midway Swiss Turn, Inc. serves a very broad range of markets as part of our strategic initiative to ensure that no one segment comprises an inordinate percentage of our business.  The key markets we are focused on include:

  • Plumbing/HVAC – valves, housings, fittings, connectors, valve stems and other custom fittings.
  • Automotive/Power transmission – shafts, spindles, valves, housings, standoffs, components for: powertrains, steering, braking, climate control and fuel systems
  • Pumps/valves – sensors, valves, shafts, housings, fittings, stems and other precision metal components.
  • Electrical/Electronics – steel, SS, brass housings, pressure sensors, pins
  • Pneumatics/Hydraulics
  • Custom Fasteners – Precision metal components made to order
  • Engine Components – bushings, brackets, mounting studs
  • Fire Suppression – brass, steel and stainless steel shafts, fittings, pivots, hubs, sensors, handles, rods, spools, pins
  • Oil and Gas
  • Work Holding
  • Material handling
  • Ag-Con – components for tractors, sprayers, dusters, harvesting equipment, etc.
  • Outdoor Recreation/Lawn and Garden –  shafts, housings, valves, fuel systems, brakes, steering, suspension components, pins, nozzles, etc.
  • Fire Arms/Custom Knives –  firing pins, nuts, barrel nuts, standoffs, pivots, bushings, studs, ejectors, pins, plunger, set screw, knurled nuts, swivel adapter
  • Medical – custom/prototype, machined parts for respirators, pumps, dialysis equipment, specialty valve components, beds, wheelchairs

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