Local Customer Looking Globally for Supplier Source

A local business contacted Midway Swiss Turn (MST) because they were working on a very large and complex project.  Their previous supplier was consistently late with deliveries, had quality issues, and did not communicate effectively with them.  The customer had searched extensively for a supplier to provide a critical component for their assembly that would then be shipped to their offshore client.  They spent a considerable amount of time and resources looking globally for a manufacturer that could supply this intricate part.  Having exhausted all of their international leads, the buyer then contacted Midway Swiss Turn to see if they knew anyone locally who could produce the part for them.

The MST team reviewed the print and after considerable discussion and brainstorming came up with a solution to their customer’s problem.  With some out of the box thinking and machining ingenuity, Midway Swiss Turn developed a process that would allow them to machine the component.  The team then contacted the customer with a quote including pricing details.  Upon reviewing the quote, the project was awarded to Midway Swiss Turn.

Due to the complexity of the component, additional quality processes were developed by MST and the customer for the successful launch of the project.  With the implementation of these new quality processes, MST has been able to deliver quality products on time for over a decade. 

This is a good example of how sometimes the solution to your problem can be found locally. 

Midway Swiss Turn treats customer confidentiality with the utmost importance.  While a more thorough example may be helpful, in order to protect our customers and their products, we have intentionally omitted precise details so that their product and experience remains customized to them.