Local Start-up Company Looking for Assistance in Launching New Product Design

A local start-up company, Triple Point Outdoors, LLC, had been working on a new design (the Clovis Mechanical Broadhead), using cutting edge technology that would revolutionize the bow industry for hunting enthusiasts. They had been working on the project for over 12 years, and in late 2021 they completed the design and received a patent on it.  Triple Point had been trying to find a machine shop that could take them from a design concept, into sample/prototyping, and then high-volume production.

They were working with short lead times in an effort to get the design into the market place in time to benefit the upcoming 2022 bow-hunting season.  After working with one source, it became apparent that this company could not meet the time line they were looking for.  Triple Point continued to search for a source that could work with them, not only with the production of the final design, but more importantly by completing the project within the required timeline. They reached out to Midway Swiss Turn, Inc. in May of 2022.  They were looking for samples in 4-5 weeks…

After a brainstorming session with Triple Point & the MST Team, slight design changes were made, pricing and lead times were established, and samples were delivered within the 4–5-week lead time.  Production quantities were shipped shortly after those prototypes were approved. Triple Point Outdoors, LLC was now in position to provide their product in mass quantity for the upcoming bow hunting season.

During this process, Midway Swiss Turn, Inc. worked with the start-up company by providing quick response on a new product while simultaneously supporting other customer demand.