Supply Chain Disruption and Lead Time

A business had been ordering a part from an offshore supplier to fulfill their customer demands. One of their clients placed a new order with supplier that purchases this component from an overseas company, but they needed the order filled within 4 weeks.  The product also had an outside plating process which added an additional week before the order would be ready to ship to the end client. 

The normal lead time from the offshore supplier the client used took a minimum of 10 – 12 weeks.  Our customer reached out to Midway Swiss Turn  (MST) to investigate the potential of having their team fill the new order.  Midway Swiss Turn’s normal lead time was 6 weeks after receipt of an order due to MST utilizing a 6-week rolling production schedule for planning purposes.  After reviewing the schedule, it was determined that MST could assist in getting the rush order through their shop while still meeting their other customer’s demands.

Material was drop shipped to Midway Swiss Turn and they started running the order within 2 days of receiving the raw material.  It took 7 working days to complete the order and ship it to MST’s customer.  The customer then expedited the order through the plating process and was able to deliver the order to their customer within the 4-week lead time.  This is an exceptional example of the type of flexibility Midway Swiss Turn can apply to their 6-week rolling production schedule.  MST was able to assist in filling an expedited order within their normal lead times, at a slight premium, with no impact to any other Midway Swiss Turn customers.   

Midway Swiss Turn treats customer confidentiality with the utmost importance.  While a more thorough example may be helpful, in order to protect our customers and their products, we have intentionally omitted precise details so that their product and experience remains customized to them.