We’ve been in the machining business since 1977, and are a veteran owned & operated family business with 6 Citizen Swiss CNC machines that can eliminate secondary operations on complex parts.  We can handle up to 1.25 OD and can hold tolerances to +/- .0002.  With over 75 years of combined machining experience, the ability to “think outside of the box,” provide quality products to our customer base, and maintain the “small business” atmosphere are defining attributes that separate Midway Swiss Turn from the competition. Our ten employees run a very lean facility and provide our customer base with excellent quality, on-time product delivery, and at a competitive price.

Volumes range from prototype work up to high volume production quantities in the rage of 50,000 pcs EAU.

Our flexible production scheduling system allows us to meet constantly changing customer demand and as well as drop-in orders. In some cases, we can deliver product within one week of receipt of order, at a premium.

We run all grades of material such as, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper and plastics like Delrin and PVC materials.  We utilize cutting edge technology like LFV low frequency vibration, which provides more efficient and improved tool life and a cleaner chip removal machining process.  All of our machines have automatic bar feeder capability which allows us to run “lights out” whenever possible.

To see our Swiss Turning equipment please view our equipment list!



Citizen L5-20 VII

Citizen L2-20 VIII

Citizen L6-32 VII

Citizen M3-32 V

Citizen A2-20 VII

Citizen A2-20 VII


Typical Parts

Brass Stems
Bleed Valves
Worm Gears
Specialized Screws
Contact Pins

  • Stainless Steel ( for example 303, 304, 416, Heat Treat SS, 17-4)
  • Carbon Steel (for example 12l14, 1018, 1144, 1215)
  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Tool Steel
  • Plastics (Delrin)
  • Tubing, solid bars, hex bars, run special extrusions

Light assembly in house using parts we machine


Can provided fully finished parts using trusted vendors. (heat-treating, plating, finishing/polishing)

Industries Served
  • Plumbing/HVAC – valves, housings, fittings, connectors, valve stems and other custom fittings.
  • Automotive/Power transmission – shafts, spindles, valves, housings, standoffs, components for: powertrains, steering, braking, climate control and fuel systems
  • Pumps/valves – sensors, valves, shafts, housings, fittings, stems and other precision metal components.
  • Electrical/Electronics – steel, SS, brass housings, pressure sensors, pins
  • Pneumatics/Hydraulics
  • Custom Fasteners – Precision metal components made to order
  • Engine Components – bushings, brackets, mounting studs
  • Fire Suppression – brass, steel and stainless steel shafts, fittings, pivots, hubs, sensors, handles, rods, spools, pins
  • Oil and Gas
  • Work Holding
  • Material handling
  • Ag-Con – components for tractors, sprayers, dusters, harvesting equipment, etc.
  • Outdoor Recreation/Lawn and Garden –  shafts, housings, valves, fuel systems, brakes, steering, suspension components, pins, nozzles, etc.
  • Fire Arms/Custom Knives –  firing pins, nuts, barrel nuts, standoffs, pivots, bushings, studs, ejectors, pins, plunger, set screw, knurled nuts, swivel adapter
  • Medical – custom/prototype, machined parts for respirators, pumps, dialysis equipment, specialty valve components, beds, wheelchairs